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ACSI Continuing Education Units (CEU)

The ICR School of Biblical Apologetics offers periodic ACSI-accredited CEU in-service opportunities for ACSI teachers and administrators. Now you can obtain continuing education credit from an organization dedicated to upholding the authority and accuracy of God’s Word. Not only that, you’ll receive biblical and apologetics training that will aid you as you minister to students and colleagues.

The next available classes will be:

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Lecture Series

Desert Habitats -- God’s Providence in Wilderness Drylands:  Hot and Not-So-Hot Deserts of the World

  • Dates: March 24-26, 2017

  • City: Midland, Texas

  • Location: First Baptist Church, 2104 W. Louisiana Avenue

  • Credit: 1.0 ACSI-approved CEU (Bible)


Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis presents a series of lectures that confirms the biblical account of creation and offers defensible answers to some of the most provocative and controversial questions of faith and science. Lecture topics are listed below.

Dinosaur Fossil Walk, led by Dr. Tim Clarey and Frank Sherwin, will be available Friday. Registration is required. Each lecture will be one hour, followed with a half-hour question and answer period at the end of the day. See http://www.icr.org/event/1725/ for dates and times of the lectures and Dinosaur Fossil Walk.


  1. Dr. Henry Morris III, "Back to Genesis"

  2. Dr. Randy Guliuzza, "Made in His Image"

  3. Dr. Henry Morris III, "The Beginning of the Universe"

  4. Mr. Frank Sherwin, "Creation, Evolutionism and the Bible"

  5. Dr. Tim Clarey, "Uncovering the Truth about Dinosaurs"

  6. Dr. Randy Guliuzza, "5 Minutes with a Darwinist"

  7. Dr. Henry Morris III, "The Book of Beginnings"

  8. Mr. Frank Sherwin, "Scientific Evidence for Creation"


Tickets for the main conference sessions are $5.00 for individuals, $15.00 for families. Dinosaur Fossil Walks are free – but registration is required: www.backtogenesisconference.com.

$30.00 if attended for CEU credit (6 hours of instruction for 1.0 CEU). Register at the ICR information booth at the conference. Please check in for each session in order to receive your certificate.

  • Dates: May 4 & 11, 2017 (2 Thursdays)

  • Time: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

  • Location: Institute for Creation Research, 1806 Royal Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229 (Classroom A)

  • Credit: 1.0 ACSI-approved CEU (Bible or Educational)

  • Instructor: Dr. James J. S. Johnson (ICR-SOBA, ACSI-credentialed CEU provider 2153)


What kinds of landmasses are designated as deserts (and why)? How (and why) are deserts different, ecologically, from forests and grasslands and bogs and mountains? How do desert ecosystems acquirer and use the scarce water that they sometimes haves? What kinds of weather patterns facilitate desert habitats – such as North America’s “hot” and “cold” deserts, as well as deserts in other parts of the world? How are tropical grasslands (like the Sahara) different from temperate grasslands (like parts of America’s Great West)?

Besides cacti, what kinds of plants tolerate the arid (and often super-hot) conditions of the world’s deserts? Besides camels, Gila monsters, and rattlesnakes, what wild animals (especially birds and mammals) can tolerate life in (or migration through) desert regions? If a “desert” is defined by the scarcest level of annual precipitation, does Antarctica fit that definition of a “desert”?  Can unwise stewardship of land produce or trigger desertification?  Does Jeremiah 50:12 imply that desert-land is cursed?  Can deserts be reclaimed as agricultural croplands or pasture-lands?

Divine providence principles, seen in Old and New Testament Scriptures, are illustrated in both Biblical history (e.g., wandering in the wilderness, east of the Jordan River, as reported in the books of Moses) and in post-apostolic church history (e.g., when what was once prairie grassland dried up and become the Dust Bowl).  Genesis-based creation science and apologetics will be analyzed, as well as creation stewardship aspects of the Genesis Mandate and the Great Commission (including how some desert history contextualizes John 3:16!).


$30.00 if attended for CEU credit (6 hours of instruction for 1.0 CEU). Please check in for each session in order to receive your certificate.

For more information, email msmith@icr.edu, or call 214.615.8322.

For more information about ICR's School of Biblical Apologetics, visit www.icr.edu.

For more information about the Association of Christian Schools International, visit www.acsi.org.


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