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Application for Admission
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1. I am applying to the:
 Master of Christian Education (M.C.Ed.) degree program.
 Bachelor of Christian Education (B.C.Ed.) degree-completion program.
Legal name (if college transcripts show maiden/other name, please indicate)
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6. Are you 18 years of age or older?
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7. Marital Status
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8. Place of birth
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9. This program is currently provided in English only. Are you fluent in the English language in conversation, reading and writing?
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10. Do you have hearing problems that would prevent you from hearing and understanding assigned DVD movies, DVD lectures, or video clips?
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11. Prior college or other postsecondary school experience that you want to have considered as part of this application:
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School (Optional) City, State Years Attended
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School (Optional) City, State Years Attended
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12. Have you attended any other postsecondary schools or branches of the military service not named above?
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13. Will you be seeking transfer credit from any of the above-named schools/colleges?
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14. Have you ever been disciplined by any postsecondary school or college, such as receiving academic probation, disciplinary probation, dismissal or expulsion?
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15. Have you accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior?
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16. Do you desire to use this program's education to better equip yourself for glorifying God?
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17. Do you believe that the Bible is inerrant, infallible, understandable and divinely authoritative?
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18. What church (if any) do you regularly attend? (or "None")

Pastor's or other church leader's name (or "None")
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19. What is your present employment situation? (Check all that apply)
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20. Will you be requesting a reasonable accomodation for any handicap that is not inconsistent with ICR's online programs?
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21. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
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22. ICR's School of Biblical Apologetics, as a matter of institutional academic viewpoint, endorses the official biblical and scientific creationist tenets of the Institute for Creation Research, which are provided in the General Catalog and at (please read the Foundational Principles now).
I have or I will carefully read through all of ICR's creationist tenets.
I understand that all SOBA courses will be taught from the viewpoint of these tenets.
If you have a question, concern or disagreement with any of ICR's creationist tenets, please explain below. (Optional)
23. How did you first learn of ICR's School of Biblical Apologetics program? (Optional)
Having written the above answers, including any additional explanations, I now declare that I have truthfully provided those answers, correctly and completely, and I realize that any non-trivial misrepresentations by me can be a basis for rejection of this application, or (if discovered after admission) explusion from the M.C.Ed. program.
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Date:   July 27, 2014

NOTICE: The Institute for Creation Research School of Biblical Apologetics admits qualified applicants of any race, color, sex, national / ethnic origin, or handicap to all rights, privileges, programs, activities, and responsibilities generally provided to students at its school. Pursuant to applicable law, ICR's School of Biblical Apologetics does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national / ethnic origin, or handicap.