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First SOBA Class Graduates

The Institute for Creation Research’s School of Biblical Apologetics (SOBA) is proud to announce the graduation of its first class.

Nine students have completed their Christian Education degrees with a joint major in Biblical Education and Apologetics—eight with master’s degrees and one with a bachelor’s degree. Each student earned one or more of the academic minors Genesis Studies, Creation Research, Sacred Humanities, Christian Leadership and Communication, Specialized Ministries, Creation Theology, and Christian School Teaching.

ICR launched SOBA in 2009 on its Dallas, Texas, campus to promote biblical apologetics by providing postsecondary education programs. SOBA is founded upon an unwavering commitment to the Bible’s inerrant authority and the historical and theological importance of Genesis 1-11. The program focuses on training students to understand and communicate the biblical creation apologetic, especially in a culture where biblical compromise de-emphasizes the importance of the Scriptures.

Congratulations to all our graduates!

New SOBA Students Benefit from ICR’s Worldwide Education Initiative

When the School of Biblical Apologetics (SOBA) started in 2009, the Institute for Creation Research received several requests from individuals around the world who were interested in taking the courses but unable to relocate to Dallas, Texas, for the two years required to complete the program.

So ICR launched SOBA online in 2011, offering the Master of Christian Education degree and the Bachelor of Christian Education degree. Registration for the fall online courses began September 1 and classes started September 15. The new entering class includes students from various parts of America, as well as a Dutchman residing in the United Kingdom and a Canadian. SOBA has also received applications from other countries.

There is a worldwide need for biblical truth, and by offering SOBA’s curriculum options to students around the world, ICR can equip Christian leaders with biblical apologetics training that can be used to “sanctify the Lord God” (1 Peter 3:15) with biblical insights and answers for the vital questions that people face today. ICR provides a variety of education benefits through its website ministries. Check out today!