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ACSI Continuing Education Units (CEU)

The ICR School of Biblical Apologetics offers periodic ACSI-accredited CEU in-service opportunities for ACSI teachers and administrators. Now you can obtain continuing education credit from an organization dedicated to upholding the authority and accuracy of God’s Word. Not only that, you’ll receive biblical and apologetics training that will aid you as you minister to students and colleagues.

The next available classes will be:


How Should We Then Appreciate Creation Ecology?

  • Dates: To be determined

  • Time: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m

  • Location: Institute for Creation Research, 1806 Royal Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229 (Classroom A)

  • Credit: 1.0 ACSI-approved CEU (Bible or Educational/Professional)

  • Instructor: Dr. James J. S. Johnson (ICR-SOBA, ACSI-credentialed CEU provider 2153)


This course’s content will contain a mix of the following ecology topics: the original and revised Genesis Mandate; God’s providential programming for biodiversity and reproductive success (and stasis); how Adam’s sin (and the Curse of entropy and death) caused creation’s condition to become “good-yet-groaning”; biogeography and climate conditions after the global Flood; how animals “fill” diverse habitats; how animals use Continuous Environmental Tracking (CET); how the sun and moon regulate activities within ecosystems and creatures on Earth; Earth’s global water and atmospheric cycles; Earth’s biochemicals and biogeochemical cycles; recognizing ecology errors (by deists and Darwinists); food dynamics; biodiversity; biome ecology; agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, and conservation; and complexity of living creatures within ecosystems.

Course Objectives

To Consider and analyze how the Scriptures are relevant to understand creation ecology; to highlight major themes in creation biology that show God’s bioengineering wisdom; and to appreciate creation science and Biblical apologetics aspects of creation ecology.


$30.00 if attended for CEU credit (6 hours of instruction for 1.0 CEU). Please check in for each session in order to receive your certificate.

For more information, email msmith@icr.edu, or call 214.615.8322.

For more information about ICR's School of Biblical Apologetics, visit  www.icr.edu.

For more information about the Association of Christian Schools International, visit  www.acsi.org.


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