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Master of Christian Education (M.C.Ed.)

Features of the Master's Program

Our M.C.Ed. degree currently provides a choice of several academic minors to allow concentrated study of different areas of Biblical Education and Apologetics.

SOBA’s foundation is Scripture, which the school and its faculty hold as inerrant, accurate, and authoritative. Additionally, biblical creation, with a special emphasis on Genesis 1-11, is a significant focus of all SOBA degrees, majors, and minors. This focus sets ICR’s M.C.Ed. program apart from other graduate-level apologetic programs.

Fulfilling the purpose of training future leaders in biblical education and apologetics, while maintaining a strict adherence to Scripture, is what makes ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics the choice for those desiring to round out their biblical education with studies that prepare them to “be ready always to give an answer” for the hope within (1 Peter 3:15).

The M.C.Ed. program is designed to be a two-year course of study, comparable to 54 semester hours of graduate coursework plus a master's thesis or project, for a total of 60 semester hours. It is possible to complete the M.C.Ed. program in less than 24 months. For a complete description of minors and courses, see our catalog.

Joint Major

Biblical Education and Apologetics: Biblical education—the heart of the Great Commission—requires five important teaching elements, as described in Ezra 7:10, which are the preparation of the heart, seeking the Law of the Lord, doing the Law of the Lord, teaching God’s statutes and ordinances, and God revealing His Law to us. This educational emphasis is blended with biblically sound creation apologetics, detailed primarily in Genesis 1-11, ultimately providing accurate and analytical answers to honest questions along with logical refutations of science "falsely so called" (1 Timothy 6:20).


  • Genesis Studies
  • Creation Research
  • Christian School Teaching
  • Sacred Humanities
  • Christian Leadership & Communication

2021-2022 Catalog

Prerequisites for Admission

General Requirements for Admission into the M.C.Ed. Program

  1. Written testimony showing belief in the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior, as well as showing belief in the Holy Bible as the written Word of God
  2. An earned bachelor's degree with either 1) a minor (or minor equivalent) in Bible, theology, Christian education, Christian ministry, or similar emphasis; or 2) passing a Bible/apologetics entrance exam to assess the applicant's potential for success in the M.C.Ed. program
  3. Full payment of the non-refundable application processing fee
  4. Demonstrated mastery of English (e.g., as shown by the application process)
  5. Endorsement of ICR’s biblical and creationist tenets (www.icr.org/tenets)
  6. Two references (academic and ministry)
  7. Adequate technical skills and computer equipment for using Microsoft Word

Additional Admissibility Factors to be Considered

In addition to the above requirements for a minor (or minor equivalent) in Bible, biblical theology, Christian education, Christian ministry, or the like, SOBA reviews prior academic performance as a probable indicator of prospective academic success.

Accordingly, an overall 2.75 undergraduate GPA (3.0 in Bible, biblical theology, Christian ministry, and similar coursework) is generally required for admission into the M.C.Ed. program. Students whose overall GPA falls between 2.5 and 3.0 may be admitted on probation (“provisional admission”), which means they will not be officially admitted into the program until they have completed 9 semester hours (i.e., 3 regular courses) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Students whose overall GPA is lower than 2.5 may be considered on a “special circumstances” basis, perhaps in conjunction with an examination or other measuring devices, prior to being selected for “provisional admission” status.

Policy Regarding Candor and Disclosure in the Application Process

ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics, as a matter of institutional academic viewpoint, endorses the official creationist tenets of the Institute for Creation Research, which are described at the end of the catalog under the heading “Foundational Principles.” Each applicant acknowledges that he/she has carefully read all of ICR’s creationist tenets (www.icr.org/tenets), and that he/she understands that all SOBA courses will be taught from the viewpoint of these tenets. Students who provide less-than-truthful statements during the application/registration process will be subject to removal from the program.

Download the M.C.Ed. Admissions Checklist

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