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Message from the Chief Academic Officer

Thank you for considering ICR’s School of Biblical Apologetics. Our calling is to partner with students who seek to learn, know, personalize, and communicate truth in ways that honor the Lord Jesus Christ. That truth, of course, has been authoritatively provided to us by our Creator, who has graciously provided us with the living Word of God, Christ (who is Truth incarnate, as John 14:6 indicates), whom we only know through His written Word (which Christ defined as God’s truth in John 17:17).

Specifically, SOBA seeks to train Christian adults who are committed to a biblical view of Scripture, science, and history—uncompromised by evolutionary concepts or other forms of false teaching. In particular, we seek to equip those who have both the God-honoring zeal and persistent self discipline required to excel in a program that is both rigorous and rewarding. The School of Biblical Apologetics has been designed by ICR’s SOBA team to meet the practical needs of today’s online learner, based upon online education experience acquired by members of that team from other online Christian education programs.

Our programs involves integrating information with analytical thinking, relevant to biblical education and apologetics. However, the dominant emphasis is comprehension and practical application, not memorizing miscellaneous details or fancy vocabulary.

If you join with us, you will have the opportunity to study with practitioners and scholars in the interrelated fields of biblical education and apologetics, a valuable learning experience to equip Christians who can teach and provide leadership in Christian education—taking the role of spiritual stewardship seriously.

James J. S. Johnson, J.D., Th.D.

Message from the Registrar

We hope that you will consider attending the School of Biblical Apologetics. You will enjoy the straightforward way the courses are taught, with many insights into how to make the learned concepts practical every day.

Because SOBA does not accept any government funding, our costs have been kept as low as possible. We hope this will allow as many interested students as possible to participate.

As Registrar, I am available to answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to contact me by phone at 214.615.8322 or by email at msmith@icr.edu.

Mary R. Smith, M.C.Ed.

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